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Check Headphone Online

To ensure your headphone issue, headphone check online tool will be a convenient way. It can measure your headphone issue if it is working from both side or only single side. This tool does not need for any browser extension, you just need your devices browser to verify whether your headphone is in working order.




This is a completely free to use online tool that offers to check if the user's headphone or mobile speaker is working or not. All you have to do is just open this tool with your browser and start your headphone in few clicks.


While testing your Headphone or mobile speaker, you can increase or decrease the Frequency up to 24000 from 20. Then you can go to music notes section where you can control the octave from 0 to 10, to find your headphone issue.

Check Right and Left Side

One of the best features is, users can find significantly that which side of their headphone is working. Like just start testing and there will be a headphone icon, just click to right side of headphone to only plat the left side, and click to left side to only play the right side. So you can now find which side of your headphone is working.

How to Check Headphone Online?

There are many ways you can check or test your headphones, such as listening to music, but it is not the right way to check your headphones at extreme levels. To check to know your headphone capacity or capability you can check using this amazing web tool using two different ways like Frequencies, and Musical notes. And here is the simple guide you can follow to check your headphone online.

Click on the start test button

Step 1: Go to the headphone check page from the website.

Also check your hedphone with frequencies music

Step 2: Now you can simply click on the test button to listen a Frequencies sound with different volume.

You can also test your hedphone with musical note

Step 3: It is also have Musical notes music features which you can also listen to check your headphone in extreme level.

Note: Make sure to check headphone volume before visiting any website, especially those with potentially high volume content. It is important to protect your hearing and avoid discomfort. Take a moment to adjust your headphone volume to a comfortable level to ensure a pleasant browsing experience.

What if, The Headphones Not Working?

If your headphone is not working, then there might be several issues regarding this, so first you have to find the issue. So here are some several troubleshot regarding this which may solve your issue of headphone is not working.

Connect Headphone Properly With Your Device

Before starting the process of checking your headphone with the Headphone Test tool, make sure that you have properly plugged the headphone with your device. Or if you are using a Bluetooth headphone than make sure to connect it to your device so that you can start the Headphone testing process.

Measure Whether You Have Allowed Permission

If you are testing your headphone in this online headphone test tool by, and it is not working, then you can check if you have given your browser permission to use your device headphone. So if you are not allowed, then allow using headphone permission.

Is it Your Mic Hardware Issue?

Sometimes headphone stopped working because some hardware issue and if your headphone have some major hardware issue then without repairing cant be fixed. But if it is having some minor issue like you have not plugged well, then fix that

Check is Headphone Disabled From Your Device

In many cases there will be disabled by your device permission, So if your device also has not allowed your headphone then first go to your device setting and allow the headphone.


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